A Week Of Video In Denver

31 Mar A Week Of Video In Denver

Arriving with winds gusting near 40 miles per hour, a video team from ArlandCom spent four days producing content for Panasonic at Denver International Airport, the newly built Peña Train Station, and downtown Denver itself. Recently, Panasonic made a large investment in Denver, building their new Enterprise Solutions headquarters, as well as working with the local government to implement a “Smart City” project.

Panasonic’s “Smart City” initiative in Denver with solar micro-grids, smart street lights, and the airport’s Innovation Labs will help launch Denver even further into the future.
Throughout the week, we interviewed several people involved in the project including Mayor Michael Hancock and Denver Airport Chief Executive Officer Kim Day. They spoke highly of what the project between the city of Denver and Panasonic will do for innovation and growth within the city.

While in Denver, ArlandCom Creative Director Joshua Phelps went to the site where the new Panasonic office building is being erected and captured aerial footage of the build site as well as the new Peña Station train stop that is to open within the next few months. The team was also interviewed executive at Denver’s Union Station, which is the starting point for the new train line that will take passengers into the Denver International Airport, stopping at Peña Station on the way.