ArlandCom Leading Indiana Broadcasters Association

31 Mar ArlandCom Leading Indiana Broadcasters Association

In January, Dave Arland became Executive Director of the Indiana Broadcasters Association and our firm took over day-to-day management of this important trade association.  IBA represents more than 300 radio and TV stations throughout the state, a powerful public service and economic force that employs some 48,000 Hoosiers and has a total economic impact of $22 billion on Indiana.

Much like broadcaster associations throughout the country, the Indiana Broadcasters Association keeps issues of public access and commerce top of mind and advocates for those positions at the Indiana Statehouse and with members of our Congressional delegation.  This legislative session, as an example, the IBA lobbied hard to insure that video and audio recordings made by police body cameras and dashboard cams remain accessible to the public whenever possible.

We help our members stay in compliance with FCC technical and equal employment obligations and just finished construction of an all-new


Featured above:  President Dave Arland and Indiana Broadcasters Association Board Chair Dave Crooks met with Indiana Congresswoman Susan Brooks on Capitol Hill to discuss the broadcast industry.