Growth and Innovation at CES 2016

14 Jan Growth and Innovation at CES 2016

The City of Neon Lights provided an ideal backdrop for Arland Communications to kickoff a year that we believe will be full of highlights.  Last week, our team worked with about a dozen clients at the world’s largest consumer technology show, CES 2016.  Our team produced more than 60 videos during CES!

It marked the silver anniversary for ArlandCom President Dave Arland who has attended ever CES since 1992.  Creative Director Josh Phelps returned for his third CES, and Production Coordinator Nicole Wilson was back for a second year.  It was the first CES outing for Account Director Sam Klemet and in addition some 13 other professional videographers, producers, editors, and presenters joined the ArlandCom team to help with video production and to guide tours through the Las Vegas Convention Center and Sands/Venetian complex.

Dave, Josh, Nicole and Sam reflect on what they saw during their week at CES 2016.

What stood out most about CES for you this year?

Dave: The surging interest in having devices talk to each other was an eye opener.  We’re not there yet, but it’s getting closer.

Josh: The “internet of things” is no longer just a fun buzzword, it is truly a necessity and is everywhere.

Nicole: I was impressed with the impact technology has had on the health and wellness industries, from helping with accessibility to a tracking devices such as Fitbit. Also, from a personal standpoint, the amount of work the ArlandCom team was able accomplish in only a few short days was remarkable.

Sam: This being my first year, I didn’t really know what to expect, but the sheer size of the show is hard to comprehend without seeing it in-person.  But, as large as it is, after walking around a bit, you begin to notice that most of these products are connected in trying to make life easier, more fulfilling, and more fun for consumers.


What industry trend are you most excited about?

Dave: What is old is new again.  Old, familiar brands are being resurrected in record numbers (RCA, Kodak, Victrola, Technics, Sansui, Crosley, JVC, etc).  It was interesting to see how these brands’ owners are reviving themselves to meet current needs and demands.

Josh: The importance of consumable content, which is being integrated into everything.

Nicole: The ability to consume specific live television content without being plugged-in to cable, such as SlingTV which is really attractive to someone like me who doesn’t want to pay ridiculous amounts of money for channels I will never watch.

Sam: I’m really amazed at the growth of wearables.  Not only can everything about your personal health and fitness can be tracked, but the improvements being made to these devices are enhancing the accuracy of and making it easier to understand the data.  I think these products can have a substantial impact to immediately tackle issues such as childhood obesity or back pain and hopefully one day be able to use the data captured to solve diseases such as cancer and AIDS.


What was the most rewarding project you worked on during CES?

Dave: Arland Communications organized and conducted tours for interested broadcasters and CEOs.  Being able to help show these groups some of the latest and greatest technologies, navigate the massive show floors, and help them digest how these innovative products will one day impact their lives and businesses was very fulfilling.

Josh: The most rewarding aspect of CES for me was seeing videos that our team produced for our clients.  Two days after they went live, these videos resulted in more than 100,000 views. It is always great to see a well received video and the impact it has for our clients.

Nicole: I was encouraged by all the positive feedback we received from clients including seeing the views of social videos we produced reach over 900,000 in less than a week.

Sam: I enjoyed working with our tour groups, Pearl TV and the World Presidents’ Organization of Indiana. A lot of these people, like me, were experiencing CES for the first time, so there was a shared excitement that I thought was pretty cool.


What is something new you learned this year at CES?

Dave: Some say trade shows are dying, but the near-record attendance at CES and 3,500+ exhibitors prove that this show has morphed to become something much bigger than just talking with retailers.

Josh: Trends are changing, but content is still king, and the importance of visual media, such as video have only grown in importance.

Nicole: Action cameras are really stepping up their game and becoming more of an asset to capturing life’s moments such as ACTIVEON’s 4K Solar X action cam that can use the sun to charge and Kodak PIXPRO’s 360-degree action camera.

Sam: Everything was new to me, but learning more about the potential new broadcasting standard, ATSC 3.0, stood out.  Transitioning over-the-air-broadcasting to IP is very interesting to me and I am eager to see the end result.


How do you think ArlandCom grew as a company during this CES?

Dave: Our range of services grew to include booth presentations, show tours, social media video production, and traditional services like media relations.  With our growing team we expect to expand our reach at future CES events.

Josh: We have not only increased our size, but our range of capabilities. In addition to our normal event management and on-site video production, we had a hand in four of the Press Day events with our video team.

Nicole: Our team grew to 17 in Vegas this year. We were able to bring very talented, knowledgeable individuals we hadn’t worked with previously in the industry onto our team, and that is going to allow us to improve our services and capabilities in the future. It’s truly an exciting time.

Sam: I was impressed with how well our 17-person team worked together seamlessly.  Veterans such as Dave Arland, Denny Conner, Ed Allen and Josh Phelps led the way for newcomers such as myself and others, but prepared us enough in advance that we were ready to step in to be valuable members once it was show time.  I am already looking forward to CES 2017!