Dish Case Studies

25 Mar DISH Network Case Study

Case Study

America’s third-largest pay TV operator (a direct-broadcast satellite service provider) desired a creative, industry-savvy, full-service, public relations and communications firm to lead, collaborate and facilitate a successful and measurable new-technology product launch.



Englewood, Colorado-based DISH Network Challenge

DISH sought to secure a savvy and nimble expert advisor to assist in media and consumer optimization of a new product launch.


  • Employ tested media relations techniques across a multi-platform strategy to maximize new- product visibility and reach.
  • Establish a trusted advisor partnership and collaboration focused on expert knowledge of industry ins and outs and creation of overall product promotion and thought leadership.
  • Provide measured media coverage and visibility creating industry buzz prior to, during and after product launch.
  • Focus on innovative promotional strategies while creating a lasting and recognizable brand within industry and consumer markets.
  • Continue to offer a consummately professional partner for DISH to rely on based on historical successes and transformative relationships.



  • Developed a long-standing trusted advisor relationship facilitating a public relations push-swing the product itself could not have done without industry expertise.
  • Partnered to create worldwide, recognizable branding and market space.
  • Successful collaboration resulting in credible and engaged messaging with measurable and definable results.


The Client

“Arland Communications is the consummate professional marketing organization, they understand the consumer electronics business. But more importantly, they understand product launches, press events and CES like no one else in the business.”

”They are the industry gold standard.”

Joseph Clayton
DISH President and Chief Executive Officer

Englewood, Colorado-based Dish Network (DISH) provides satellite TV to approximately 14-million subscribers. With annual revenue surpassing $14 billion, DISH provides the most HD and international programming in the United States. Founded as part of EchoStar in 1980, DISH today boasts more than 25,000 U.S. employees and is a leader in the pay TV industry with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. DISH’s award-winning innovations are the result of the company’s vision to offer the best value at the lowest everyday pricing nationwide.


The Challenge

In late 2011, with a new CEO at the helm of DISH — and a new technology product launch in the wings with less than 90 days to prepare a launch –— DISH immediately sought a highly reputable and expert advisor to assist in producing optimum product visibility and national media exposure, honing of creative collateral, and delivery of a disciplined and proven mode for messaging. DISH was faced with the challenge of launching their new product, the Hopper, a multi-room DVR, at the largest technology trade show in the world, the International CES, held annually in Las Vegas, Nev.

DISH, in search of a collaborator who could provide a “real world, outside view,” to embark on this PR and marketing task, was aware that with the short media optimization time frame before launch, a seasoned communications veteran, firmly anchored and agile in the technology industry, would be needed to maximize the Hopper’s CES visibility and national media reach. Their search for a proven and known quantity, a sterling industry reputation and unmatched CES-savvy experience led them quickly to a partnership with well known and respected industry communications expert — Arland Communications.


Arland Communications Solution

As a tested and trusted counselor within the consumer electronic technology industry, Arland Communications offered nimble and immediate impact on DISH’s new product launch including overall media communication and CES multi-platform strategy. Territorially marking leadership for the Hopper within industry product space required Arland Communications to employ seasoned tactics including creative concept application to formulate launch collateral, worldwide media messaging, trade show presence and included pre-messaging through dissemination of pre-launch product information to industry leaders and insiders, reviewers and bloggers.

Crucial to the Hopper’s product launch success, DISH was dependent on Arland Communications ability to maximize their vast cadre of industry relationships and long history with CES systems offering first-hand knowledge of tested “do’s and don’ts” during the show. The effort prevented missteps by DISH and ensured optimization of a multi-layered and measurably effective communication platform.

An invitation-only press event, three weeks prior to the January 2012 CES launch, sparked a tease of the product and gave reporters the chance to see and experience the product first — up close and personal. A unique and creative media strategy employed by Arland Communications also touted the show’s first “live animal” attendee at the well-attended luncheon-timeslot press conference hosting worldwide media and featuring the Hopper’s mascot – a live kangaroo. Arland Communications collaboration and thought leadership direction with DISH staff allowed all layers of the launch promotions to be seamless, expertly executed and on point. Pre-planning and trouble shooting possible hiccups was also an Arland Communications specialty and has become a standard of excellence in their partnership with DISH — creating a dependable and trusted advisor relationship.

“Arland Communications essentially assumed control of this product launch with the marching orders in hand. We told them that we needed to debut the Hopper in a big way at CES and they had less than six months to make it happen. With their industry connections there was no stone left unturned.”

Bob Taves
Vice President of Communications

High-visibility and all encompassing media campaigns were new to DISH and Arland Communications’ savvy leadership and staff brought a credibility to the project and assisted DISH in strategizing and maneuvering through a complicated new- product rollout. By specifying the benefits of partnering with

a known quantity with a great reputation and deep industry knowledge and expertise, Arland Communications became DISH’s go-to firm for high-profile events.


The Results

Arland Communications’ partnership with DISH for the product launch of the Hopper, was measurably substantiated by over 500 million media impressions over a subsequent four-day CES extravaganza (the 2013 International CES.) Only a high-level, electronic technology field expert such as Arland Communications could have maximized the CES trade show opportunity, unveiling of a new product with such finesse and success. Their planning and implementation leadership brought immediate product recognition to potential consumers. In part because of a successful media events, the Hopper has become a household name and the brand recognition for the DISH service itself has grown. An ongoing trusted relationship continued at the 2013 CES as Arland Communications once again lead the product launch of DISH’s Hopper with Sling — ultimately awarded the prestigious CES Best of Show award given each year to the most successful new product launch of the show. Arland Communications’ unflappable reputation of providing state-of-the-art advice and navigation through and across several media platforms continues to strengthen its continuing role with DISH including a new product unveiling at the January 2014 CES.

“It really wasn’t just one solution that Arland Communications provided. We needed an industry expert that could get hundreds of people at a noon press conference, or knew where we should purchase signage for the trade show for optimum exposure, or what industry insiders should know about our product pre-CES. They had, and still have, the full plate of experience we need.”

“We didn’t even consider anyone else to lead this project.”

Joseph Clayton
DISH President and Chief Executive Officer