OMVC Case Study

25 Jan OMVC Case Study

National group of broadcast television stations collectively promoting mobile television sought a full service marketing and communications technology industry expert to lead media relations efforts, create a regular flow of information and activities, and facilitate maximum exposure at national trade show venues.

Washington, D.C.-based
Open Mobile Device Coalition (OMVC)


OMVC sought the services of a full-service PR and communications firm to create a media strategy platform for promotion of a mobile TV device.


  • Increase coalition and device product visibility and industry mind share within the electronic technology industry.
  • Activate and employ long standing media relationships to maximize new technology coverage and product exposure.
  • Establish creative strategies to optimize product information-share and prime placement at national industry-specific trade shows.
  • Utilize extensive and tested event management expertise to provide for top-of-mind product exposure and secure inside front cover of trade show.
  • Create awareness of emerging industry technology and employ strategies and tactics for effective, successive and measurable coverage results.



  • Developed a full-service, go-to response team for creating industry awareness of new technology.
  • Successfully partnered to navigate national trade show placement and media relationships to maximize technology coverage and visibility.
  • Influenced a rise above the “noise” at national trade show venues creating attention and awareness to specific new technology by leveraging CES expertise


The Client

Washington, D.C.-based Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) consisted of a group of broadcast television stations and media groups aligned and dedicated to accelerating the development and rollout of mobile television. Mobile TV can be seen on a Mobile Digital TV-equipped smartphone or tablet and its technology uses broadcast TV airwaves – not the Internet. The OMVC was originally created as a stand-alone entity focused on promoting the Mobile Digital TV innovation to the technology industry and to consumers.


The Challenge

OMVC was in need of a full service public relations and
communications firm to maximize media-relations information
dissemination and flow, and create product awareness within the
consumer electronics industry and consumer marketplace especially at national trade show venues. The search for a full-service partner focused on the ability for the collaborator to help with big- picture, media-relations strategy and to hone the mobile TV story and how it should be presented industry-wide. Another specific need was to engage a nimble and affordable communications savvy partner that could assist in creative and operational preparations and provide thought leadership and expert advice as to product and messaging exposure engagement at two industry-related, national trade shows.

Crucial to the search was to select an already tested industry expert to provide planning leadership and insider historical knowledge at both the January International CES (the largest trade show in the world), and the NAB Show, the annual international convention of TV and radio broadcasters held each April. One of the founding technology companies that developed Mobile DTV technology, LG


“Arland Communications knows CES so well that I wouldn’t hesitate to ever use them again,” “They are incredibly nimble and creative — they can do it all.”

Anne Schelle
OMVC Executive Director


Electronics, recommended to OMVC that they reach out to Arland Communications as a partner that could help them navigate national industry trade shows as a tactical and strategic industry expert. ArlandCom also works with LG Electronics to promote new innovations.


Arland Communications Solution

Developing an over all PR and communications’ strategy for OMVC required an initial focus on honing the

story of mobile TV and what it meant to industry broadcasters, legislators and consumers. Arland Communications’ experience and leverage of industry knowledge and contacts was an absolute necessity when developing strategy for not only story development – but also for sharing the story with media on an initial explanatory platform and then with constant attention to the flow of continued announcements and activities surrounding the product — creating a complete-picture package for the broadcast service and related prototype devices.

For Arland Communications, event management played a pivotal role in maximizing potential industry and consumer reach. In a genre full of exciting and relentless new-product releases, it was imperative for Arland Communications to have the know-how to create a slice of awareness about this technology and do so timely and recipient specific. For example, by harnessing long-standing media relationships Arland Communications was able to capture significant attention for the mobile TV device at CES by securing coverage on the front pages of the show’s daily news trade publications.

In addition, Arland Communications facilitated a pre-CES news embargo a month ahead of the actual show to preview the device announcement and share with industry media a sneak peak at the new technology with a promise of no coverage until the actual conference. This type of information strategy was just one facet of Arland Communications’ over quarter century of extensive experience in the consumer electronics industry. A third event management strategy was spotlighted by Arland Communications to promote the new technology through OMVC-sponsored events held to gain publicity and awareness. Through collateral creation, media flow, trade show maneuverability and relationship building with members of Congress, Arland Communications offered a full plate of communication services tested, yet adapted, to fit OMVC’s specific needs of partnering with a known quantity with a great reputation and deep industry knowledge and expertise, Arland Communications became DISH’s go-to firm for high-profile events.


The Results

An increase in visibility for OMVC and the promotion of their product was measurable after partnering with Arland Communications. Maintenance of an open and ongoing dialogue within industry, media and consumers was achieved in addition to managing events on Capitol Hill to brief legislators and staff. By utilizing and leveraging historically trusted relationships Arland Communications was able to share OMVC’s technology story across many platforms. OMVC’s desired outcome was also met by facilitating many media contacts to showcase device manufacturers interested in developing mobile TV devices. Arland Communications agile and creative strategy for OMVC allowed for the coalition to consider the initial phase of promotion a success and facilitate the organization’s eventual absorption into the National Broadcasters Association.